Friday, February 15, 2008

Man sues city after police shoot, kill dog

Rene Stutzman Sentinel Staff Writer
February 15, 2008

SANFORD - A man has filed suit against the city of Winter Springs, accusing two of its police officers of mistaking his home for someone else's, hauling him outdoors without clothes and shooting dead his Rottweiler. The suit, filed Thursday, seeks unspecified damages.

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SadEyes said...

Police also shot my Pitbull(Boss).
I was walking him on a leashed down the street when another pitbull unleashed approach the dogs started fighting. To make a long story short after the owner of the other dog and I was unsucessfull in pulling the two dogs apart I flagged down a city dectective which she took matters in her jumping out of the car yelling get your dog I'm going to kill him. Before she calls animal control and let them respond to the call she kills Boss, my dog, stating my dog would'nt stop fighting. Please anyone that can assist me with this I greatly appreciate it. This happen in North Carolina Jan 31 08' thanks

A said...

Rick - Contact Bill Reppy at Duke and see if he knows any private practice animal law attorneys in North Carolina. - Amy Breyer

Unknown said...

An off duty officer shot my pitbull. I think he did it only because she was a pitbull. She was not an aggressive dog and he said she was growling at him, but she was shot in the back of the head. It is my fault that she got out, but I do not think she should have been killed. If anyone has any advise, please let me know. This happened in Oregon, Jan 10 2009. thank you.

franki said...

franki said
police today shot my pitbull(deuce)he was with my chihuahua. they grew up together that was his daddy and they shot him in front of him in the head and in the leg they were three houses from our house they were on their way back home..My dogs are registerd and deuce is not viciuse control said they were on their way,they told the cops to stand clear and they still shot him why'll running down the street. dog control couldn't understand why? she new the dog this happen three houss from my house and my kids could not get my dog said my dog could bite them. they are 21 and 17 they grew up with the dogs. some one help me Phoenix, Arizona 09/17/09 thank you